We believe that change in communication in a company and towards clients contributes to higher productivity, increased collaboration, strong culture and generates more revenue.

Our Mission

Vitruvian man demonstrates the blend of mathematics and art. It is the cornerstone of Leonardo da Vinci’s attempt to relate man to nature. These two are inseparable. It is also a symbol of balance. Leonardo was a visionary who, among many others, inspired Supremeanim.

This is the starting point where our experience and understanding of world around us became the promise to create harmonious businesses of tomorrow.

We deliver growth throughout the entire company,
on management level and for teams.

Methodology is directed towards developing talent, improving communication in teams and towards clients,
develop leadership skills and establish culture of success.


Practice makes the best. We deliver specific workshops that empower teams to perform better.



We solve growth challenges. Each solution is strictly aligned with KPIs and its performance is measured.


Not sure
how we can help?


Innovation and People Are Our Culture

Our Team

During 8 years in innovation business one became clear. Almost everyone forgets about the people. Everyone focuses on a product.

Who runs successful businesses? People. The team does the business. Team is also a leading reason business fails. I’ve learned that founders & teams who adjust, are willing to self-reflect and grow overcome obstacles. And in the end have higher success rate.

People are the only way to create long term value. That is why we care about people.

As each team is different, with different needs and reasons to grow experts who are required for each specific task will be picked after initial analysis. We are partnering with organizational psychologists, strong leaders to deliver the best solutions.

Based on Supremeanim methodology we will consider business, professional and personal goals. It is the base to create a strategy that will be agile and consistently tracked during period of growth to ensure the best possible outcome.

Vanja Andric


Last 5 years I was a local director of Founder Institute, world’s largest startup accelerator. During that time I’ve helped start over 30 companies with a goal to reach global market. I’ve worked with over 200 entrepreneurs and investors from US and EU. I’m over 8 years in innovation handling daily tasks in business growth, marketing & branding, customer care and communication. I’m also mentoring startups on pitch and getting them ready for investments.

What People Say About

Working With Me

Vanja was such a huge help to us it’s just incredible! He did not only help us out with our pitch, but also through his deep insight and understanding of business and market helped us refine certain aspects of our business plan in short time. We’d highly recommend him for both his professionalism and his approach that led us to not consider him as a mentor, but as a friend.

Matej Grozdanović, Modulos

Vanja is more than adviser. Always truthful and open, without ‘rainbows and unicorns’ approach. He is not only about developing business idea but opening the mind as well.

Lana Vukičević, Lumidream

Stretch, prioritize, clarify — three words that describe what Vanja did for us during the few online and in-person sessions. First, he stretched our minds to see an important but missing part of our story. Next, he helped us choose the stuff we should put on the table. Packaging it all up in one clear message was the cherry on the top.

Luka Vida, Recogno

Our Services

We create high performing teams, support personal and professional growth. Investing in teams is the most valuable as people are the key drivers of success.

We cover 4 main services:

  • Talent Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Culture Development

Focus is on young companies who strive to deliver innovation or change the world with their products or services. We believe in added value and we invest our time in what we feel is valuable. Working with us is a collaboration set up to achieve desired goals, but also to grow teams to be competitive globally.

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