Case Study: Being Brilliant Every Single Day

June 8, 2015by admin0

We are always looking to improve our performance. To be able to do that we have to understand how we work. We have to understand our selves. When I say that I don’t mean what is generally considered know one self. I mean really go into depths of your being. It is hard work and takes a lot of effort but also rewards are pretty amazing.

So what do I mean when I say know yourself? Basically it means that we are aware of our physiology level and our emotional level. Because this is the first step to actually being able to control yourself and not just live on impulses. You’ve heard of fight or flight system, right? So it is kind of the same like you run some part of primitive 200 thousand years old software as a control system expecting to have amazing performance with improving top level systems. We, that might get you somewhere but usually it happens a bit differently. I’ve been there and I’m sure you are. I hope you don’t ask yourself too often “How did that happen?”.

I’ve been exploring this for some time now. So reading and understanding is one. Doing it and understanding trough experiments something completely different. First I really encountered it through yoga. With proper breathing and stimulating vagus nerve you are able to get control over parasympathetic nerve system that runs most of the inner organs. That takes a lot of work. Meditation is the other way to achieve that. That is not that simple as well. But it takes you further than you think.

Years of doing it has been really fruitful in my personal and professional relationships. It helped me take on the challenges in a bit different way. But I would probably never understand really how it works if I hadn’t have the opportunity to encounter a bear. Yes, a bear.

Last year I went on hiking in a national park. A beautiful summer day, nature and myself. Everything as quite nice until I thought of taking a break on a trail and drinking a few sips of water. At that moment I just heard a bear roar somewhere just next to me. So there it was, about 3 meters away, in the bush. My vision kind of blurred, adrenaline rushed through my body. The feeling of it was just like my whole being curled up my ass. On the verge of panic, I kept my cool and ran. I kept breathing, feel

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